Boyfriend experience; you are the only one for Igor gigolo.

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Igor gigolo. At Christmas give an experience.
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boyfriend experience for every woman

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In so many might have heard about the boyfriend experience. What is it about?
In this post I will explain what it means to spend several hours with me.

The date and the aperitif.

Maybe you’ll be a little excited about our date. Habits, to which our Society – too many times bigot – has got us used, can play tricks.
But don’t worry. Because it won’t take too much to kill f. Just like ice cubes will rattle in the glasses of our aperitif.

Yes. I like to start the Boyfriend Experience in this way. We’ll learn to know each other around the table of the bar. If necessary, you’ll see how it is easy to relax. I like to listen the experiences, the vibes, the dreams of the person in front of me and, if you will, you will do the same with all the thing I have to tell you.

The dinner

We’ll be fine. And when you’re comfortable, the appetite grows. And so, what about a nice dinner? It will be pleasant to choose with you a little restaurant in which good taste, conviviality and harmony will encounter your wishes.

The After-dinner

In this case too, the choice will be a place that will reflect your needs and desires. You will prefer to stay with me in a hotel room, or perhaps you’ll want me to follow you in another place. In that case there are no problems.

The Night

There will be unforgettable moments, instead. Thrills, caresses, cuddles or little chats. You will dictate the terms of our date. I will go along with you and I will respect all sort of your needs.
They say that the night is long but you will notice how it will be too short with Igor Male Escort.

The breakfast

It will be wonderful to wake up together. Looking at each other while we have breakfast, thinking about what was between us. A shred of melancholy. Then, we’ll say goodbye but if you want it won’t be a goodbye; because we could hang out again whenever you like.

The Magic

But there’s something that never any sentence could include: the emotions we’ll feel together, that we’ll make you feel who you really are.


Boyfriend experience and more

During the hours we’ll spend together I will be your boyfriend, your partner, your friend or your confidant.

On our date bring just yourself; we’ll create the emotions together.
And this gonna be fantastic.

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