Are you looking for a boyfriend or a husband for rent?

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Today is it possible to rent a husband or a boyfriend in the flesh or not?

This service, increasingly desired, is mistakenly associated with the figure of a strong woman who aspires to manage a man as she sees fit; but is this really the right interpretation?

On the net, there are different types of services related to the rental of a fake boyfriend or a husband by the hour.

What is a boyfriend for hire?

The rented boyfriend (or husband for rent) is a man who sells his time to a woman.
Most of these services provide that the set rate for the time that is spent together is set regardless of whether or not there is sex between a man and a woman; while, for other types of services, sex is not foreseen at all.

In Japan, in fact, there is a “co-sleeping” specialty shop called Soineya, known in the West as the Cuddle Café in Tokyo.
Although it has been dubbed “Cuddle Cafe”, the base rate does not actually include any physical contact as it is just about “sleeping”.

This means that if a customer wants something more, she should contact the company to request other types of services, such as: being hugged while sleeping, going out for a galant appointment for which the woman will pay, or asking the man to cook for her; just like a rented boyfriend, but without sex.

All these things obviously have additional costs and the rates set by the company in question.

How did the request of husband for rent come about?

It is said that it was really a woman to understand the need to create for the first time the service of engaged boyfriend or husband; after discovering that the presence of a man in her bed helped her to sleep peacefully, she inaugurated a service to find companion for lonely women.

The rented boyfriend or husband can be requested by various types of women, for many different reasons.

What are the reasons that push a woman to need a fake boyfriend?

In today’s society, some women need to pretend to show relatives, friends or co-workers that their life is the life of a happily engaged woman.

A woman who manages to match a thousand things with a possible family life, without neglecting leisure and social interactions.

Actually, they may live in a difficult relationship with their partner, or their partner is not accepted by their parents, or they simply want to feel free to be single women, without any conditioning.

Therefore, how do you find a boyfriend for hire?

Americans have invented a mobile application called INVISIBLE BOYFRIEND, where a woman signs up and starts chatting with someone on the other side as if this were really her boyfriend.
The app to pretend to have a boy, allows you to text with an imaginary boyfriend and it is used, first of all, to show to friends and relatives intrusive evidence of a relationship.

However, it is a “person” who listens to everything you have to say and answers you with an ad hoc polished answer; we exchange sweet messages, and pretend to have a person who loves us.

But how can an “invisible boy” help someone?

After a thorough market investigation, it turns out that many people do not like to go out “because sometimes going out sucks”;
especially because sometimes it is difficult to find company or someone to lean on.

The founders stated that they thought it was a problem involving only them, or at least a small circle of people; but after careful analysis it turned out that this problem was profoundly widespread in society.

So the “invisible boy” is for a good reason?

Many believe that at a certain times of life it could be very useful, but in reality it would be only a palliative to try to fill the void of a real person by his side.

How fundamental is the presence of a man next to you?

True or fake, it would be better to address a person in the flesh; someone who can fulfill your requests or who really knows how to involve you in a real Boyfriend Experience, with real and meaningful emotions, thus satisfying the need to feel someone close.

If you feel lonely, neglected, you want to get excited for the little things, for small gestures; if you want to rediscover the passion; if you want to spend a pleasant evening or just enjoying a good dinner with the right person, the one who can listen to you, who can really understand you; the experience of the Boyfriend Experience could be for you.

Igor is the right person.

Call me, I will know how to fulfill your most hidden desires.

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