Igor gigolo. At Christmas give an experience.

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Christmas gigolo

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Christmas is coming, it’s time for gifts. The idea, the moment of choice, the delivery.
On the one hand, the emotion of those who give; on the other hand the wait, the surprise and the joy of those who receive.

Everything perfect, yeah. But how many times the face of the person who receives the gift betrays a certain disappointment, ruining reluctantly a special moment?
That’s where I come in, Igor gigolo. Why take the risk of a poor show when you’ve just been handed a gift that never betrays?

The most expected Christmas gift.

Yes. You ever think of that? Me, Igor male escort. I can really be your Christmas gift. You’ll find me beyond the social conventions; I’ll be there, waiting for you.
You can give a dreamy experience to one of your friends.
You can grant a distraction in your coupledom routine, planning an unforgettable threesome date under the Christmas tree.
You can make a gift for yourself feeling all the involvement, all the emotions, all the sensuality and passion that a date with Igor male escort is able to give you.

Igor male escort, between provocation and reality

So I could be your Christmas gift. Just the gift that will be able to warm and make your holidays special, or those of one of your friends o those of your relationship.

Under the Christmas tree you will find or you will give unique, extraordinary and incomparable feelings.
Beyond every provocation, I – Igor gigolo – am ready to satisfy your every need.

I can be yours for one hour or for the whole night.
I can be your boyfriend for one day.
I can bring you everywhere.
I can be the warm embrace in which you melt; to which you cling and that makes you dream.

Contact me and I’ll be yours.
But don’t worry, you won’t see me coming down the chimney, coughing up because of the soot, after I parked the deers somewhere.

Because Santa Claus does not exist.
Igor gigolo and his passion, do.

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