Have you dreamt about unconventional sex situations for a while?
Have you had an erotic fantasy for a long time? Something that arouses you?
But, do you know that you could not let loose with one of them, because of various reasons?
Do you usually imagine to have sex with your gardener , your plumber or your neighbor?
It is just the unusual situation, something that makes you give up .. and you know it very well!
Are you looking for a sexual encounter more stimulating than the one you could have with the usual lover?
Or even are you waiting for the electrician of your dreams, but no one is nice, no one reflects your tastes?
Many women dream about sex in unusual places, in particular situations and sometimes even with funny personalities invented by TV, such as Batman, Zorro, Topolino, ecc….

Or maybe would you like to become someone else?
An animated carton for example..
Wonderwoman, Catwoman, Cinderella, ring a bell?
Your husband or partner would not understand you and they would not be open to this new sex game, to say nothing of your lovers…
Maybe you talked about it, as a joke, with some of your friends.
You can now get in on the action.. I will be whoever you want I am!
Do you want to meet the character that intrigues you the most, but you want it to be just a stimulating play, without feeling you different in the eyes of any people?

Are you willing to find out that fantasies can often give you certainty and you can have much more fun?

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I will make your erotic dreams true!
You will indicate me the script!


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