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Gigolo and chaperone for women, Igor unveils what lies behind this job in an interview with 
Read it in this post.

Gigolo, male escort for women, escort for women, How many times have we heard of these words that seem to hide a world as fascinating as the one told by films and books?

A profession that in the collective imagination is made up only of sex and easy money, but that in reality hides sacrifices, passion and various pitfalls. I – Igor gigolò – unveiled what lies behind this job in an interview with Here’s what I told.

Why did you decide to start this job?

“It all began as a game, after watching a movie. I started the gigolo profession documenting myself to understand how the market worked. Then I added free ads on the internet, with photos taken by me or by my friends. Of every shot I darkened my face, I showed only my body and at most my lips.

But I understood that something had to be changed. And there I found the path to success: I decided to remove every veil, to show myself as I am, included my face, and to show myself in an elegant way, with a well-defined identity and style. Sensual without ever transcending into the vernacular “

Is there a type of woman who most asks for your gigolo or chaperone for women services?

The type of client that most frequently calls me is a career woman. Lawyers, doctors, managers or even wives or former wives of important people. In Milan, for example, I met a former wife of a well-known politician. There is no precise stereotype, the average age is 40, I met 20-year-old girls, but also 60-year-olds.

The clientele is very various. They turn to a gigolo or a male escort for women because they have in common the desire to still feel emotions. Very often women call me because they are worn out by a bad marriage, by a careless husband, by loneliness or by boredom.

The latter factor mainly concerns the wealthiest women. I realized this by meeting a 30 year old model in Milan. On that occasion, for the first time, I really understood what boredom was. Many times the ruin of these women is the boredom. They have everything from the material point of view, but otherwise they have nothing.

They call me because they are looking for a caress or an emotion; driven also by the fact that they can not be seen around with anyone. So calling a gigolo, a serious male escort for women, is a guarantee especially for their privacy. Many people ask why there are women who pay me for what I do.

Sometimes it is a matter of confidentiality, discretion, professionalism of service.

Does the profession of the male escort go beyond sexual performance and therefore beyond the classic stereotypes?

The most requested service by a customer is dinner with after dinner. With “after dinner” everyone thinks about sex, in fact what happens between the male escort for women and client is something that happens between consenting adults and goes beyond the company, which is what I get paid for. If there’s sex, and it’s not always the case, it’s just icing on the cake.

Very often I am only hired just for the company for ceremonies or shows. Sometimes I am just a diversion, others a whim, others still a first step towards change. There are women who come out of a relationship, who have not felt emotions for some time.

Instead of going out with anybody they decide to rely on a professional male escort, moved by a need for security, not to feel judged.

Do customers want from a gigolo a 360 ° experience that goes beyond mere transgression?

Well, yes, exactly. A male escort for women must know how to propose an emotion and that is what I highlighted on my website, where I talk a lot about Boyfriend experience.

The boyfriend experience is literally a boyfriend experience for a certain time; during this time I become the companion of my client, for a ceremony, a trip, a dinner, etc. The boyfriend experience is 360 ° experience. I give to my client the feeling of being her boyfriend not only in terms of physical proximity, but also and above all emotionally speaking.

Let’s not forget that behind a professional male escort there’s a man and that’s exactly what I try to get out when I’m hired. To my client I want to give what is inside Igor and when I succeed, when I receive positive feedback I am extremely satisfied. And it is precisely this aspect that makes me proud, not money.

If I did the professional male escort just for money I would not be here after 7 years.

The gigolo is a fairly all-encompassing job, is it difficult to manage private life?

This is the biggest price to pay. In the early years it was a bit more difficult, but now I have learned to make the Igor gigolò and the real Igor live together. If I became Igor gigolò I owe it also to friendships and to a beautiful and solid family that respected my choices.

At the beginning I devoted all my energy to this work, but once Igor became a recognized character, I could take breaks. I like traveling, going to cinema or just staying at home with my dog.

This lifestyle allows me to go to meetings more relaxed and with the possibility to bring my “a”-game.

Would you like it if the Italian Government recognized your job as a profession?

The State throw out the baby with the bathwater by placing gigolo, escorts and prostitution in the same cauldron. This lack of differentiation has always hurt me because I do not want to be compared to those who prostitute themselves on the street or in an apartment.

They are very different realities, I would also make a difference between escort for women and escort for men.
Through my lawyer and my accountant I am trying to legitimize my position both from a legal and fiscal point of view, but it is not easy. Yet all that I want is very simple: to pay taxes like any citizen.

And I want to do it in Italy, not abroad as someone advises me. In Germany, for example, it’s all legal, but I love my Country and I want to live here forever. This is why I hope that the State will regularize prostitution, establishing appropriate boundaries.

I want to highlight that for the Italian State it is not a crime to prostitute itself, but it is the exploitation of prostitution. That’s why I talked about regulation and not about legalization.

There are so many men and so many women who have liberally chosen this profession and are waiting for a signal, we hope that at last we can accelerate this aspect. After all, we are talking about the oldest profession in the world.

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