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Gigolo in the mass culture
Gigolo, the story of a fascinating profession
intervista gigolò accompagnatore
Gigolo and chaperone for women, Igor tells himself in an interview
male escort for women in milan

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Gigolo in Milan for unforgettable experiences

The friends who are in Milan because they live there or they are spending their holiday or they work there, can contact me, Igor Gigolo, to spend hours or days pleasantly together.

Gigolo in Milan where to find them

It is not easy to find a gigolo in Lombardy because there is a great lack of male escorts for women who are working in Milan, which is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in Italy, famous especially for the moltitudes of businesses and well-known also for being the Italian fashion capital.

Male escort in Milan

I surf the net, looking for “Gigolo Milan”. “Gigolo for women Milan“. Or “male escort for women Milan”.
Google is a fundamental reference point for those who need a male escort for women and type these search keys to find a professional male escort to keep them company.

I offer the guarantee of being able to count on a professional gigolo who has been an appreciated male escort for women for years and who has as a reference point style, sobriety and discretion.

But, as mentioned, those who look on the internet for “gigolo Milan” or “male escort for women Milan” not always are lucky.
That’s why you can contact me directly. For me, it’s easy to move and I can reach you everywhere in a few hours.

Gigolo in Milan, what I can offer

Milan is a city that needs no introduction. It’s the industrial capital of Italy that has a lot to offer both from a cultural level and entertainment and of good food and good drink point of view.
If you want, we can get excited together by visiting the landmarks of the city and beyond. The Sforza Castle, Palazzo Reale, the Museum of Cultures or the Triennale and Palazzo Marino are there, waiting for us.
But all this wandering makes you hungry, right?

Before going to lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants that can neanche our palates, we could go to enjoy a delicious aperitif in one of the many cocktail bars on the Navigli.

So there is only the embarrassment of the choice and we’ll se, unfortunately, how time has flown too fast.

Are you looking for a male escort for women in Milan? Here you find what to do.

If you are looking for a male escort for women in Milan, I am at your disposal. With the right notice, 12 or 24 hours, I can move to any city in Italy.

For more info, You can visit my website or you can take a look at my lookbook.

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