Instagram boyfriend in Rome, what is it about?

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How was the Instagram Boyfriend phenomenon born?

The Instagram Boyfriend is a service created to meet the new needs of the last few years!

We all live now surrounded by social networks and every day we interact with many people through them.

Today, Instagram is the most popular social network to post photos or publish Instagram stories.
Many people have developed in it their work or their passions taking care of their profile in detail, with really impressive photos inexciting places around the world!

Photos that would make you jealous!

But why limit yourself to envy them when you too can take beautiful pictures to remember your fantastic Roman vacation?

Many women love to travel alone, single or not, they decide to venture around the world to discover historical and characteristic places to have fun or for their own cultural baggage.

What is an Instagram Boyfriend?

Instagram boyfriend is a service created just for you who travel all alone around the world. Do you really need a holiday in Rome this year? In the most beautiful capital city of the world?

Your friends are too busy to accompany you and you do not have anyone who will take good photos for your Instagram profile?

The Boyfriend Instagram service has been created for you: Igor Gigolò, an escort for women, will be yours for an exceptional
Boyfriend Experience; you can wander around Rome with him for romantic selfies in front of the Colosseum or, for example, in Piazzadi Spagna.

It will be Igor with the smartphone to take some pictures ad hoc for your Instagram profile, or you can take advantage of a
professional photographer who will follow you along your trip to Rome and will take many photos of you and Igor together.

Traveling alone will not be a problem, you will be free to do whatever you want without interference, along with a professional who will follow your adventure programs and your little photographic whims.
No one will stop you from taking awesome pictures in those places so magical and characteristic, and Igor will certainly live up to
expectations for you.

Why choose an Instagram Boyfriend?

Your Instagram boyfriend knows that you care so much to take good photos on holiday and then post them on your Instagram profile, because nowadays the social network world is really trendy.

The truth is that a real boyfriend would probably get too bored to take lots of photos!

Igor will be your Instagram Boyfriend and if you want he can also be your rented boyfriend with whom you can live a romantic
Boyfriend Experience, or your fake boyfriend for a few hours, to take lots of photos together and maybe make your followers and
friends believe you have spent the whole holiday in good company!

You will wear your best outfit, trendy make-up, you will get your hair done up and you will be ready to have fun taking pictures in
Piazza Navona, Castel Sant’Angelo, Fontana di Trevi and so on… unique locations in the world!
Your photos will be perfect, you will let everyone know that your holiday is going great and your companion will be happy to make
you look beautiful; because it is just you at the center of this dream vacation!

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