About me


You are on my website, I guess, browsing among various gigolos, inspecting faces and features of many companions for women.

Are you now looking curiously at me, asking yourself if I might be the right one for you? Would you like to know something more about Igor? Who am I? Are you interested in discovering any trait of my personality that can make you determined to contact me?

I will try to describe myself, but I will make you curious to meet me in person, talking with me!

Igor gigolo is a special companion for women, I will be your dream that comes true, everything you were looking in a man will materialize. Igor gigolo is like walking with grass under your bare feet, feeling on your skin a shivery breeze, even if the sun beats down on you! It is like walking among dozens of people and have all admiring and curious eyes on you! Courage and unconsciousness are requested, but then you will be rewarded and you will not forget it !

Many times I have felt on me women looks of admiration and I have often perceived their wishes, their thoughts. Lots of women have approached me, making me their favorite confident, giving me, to their regret, the capacity of understanding them, perceiving their soul hints, a strong and gentle soul.

Getting close to this sweet world has always been magic for me, and I have been more and more fascinated about it! I have been imprisoned, eager to discover all your hidden stories!
A different story for every date: sad, happy, ordinary or exciting. Every time I am proud to raise a smile, to give an enjoying and satisfying moment! Here I am: my smart look, the detailed study about my fit, the constant care for my body!

That’s what you see!

My deep knowledge of female soul, the great and serious respect for your sensitivity, the constant attention to women’s wishes: that’s what you are going to find! Making you happy makes me happy, I am satisfied when I satisfy you, your confidence makes me proud! I want to be the materialization of your most romantic dreams, or the full transgression: I will be the claim of your woman instinct!

I will be your most beautiful dream!I will be your most beautiful dream!

Understanding women is the true quality for a gigolo, I can understand you and I will enhance your interior side! Igor