How much does an italian Gigolo cost?

Many women contact me to know what are my "male escort prices", but it would not be much easier to shoe them directly on the website, perhaps pointing them in a page titled gigolo prices?

Unfortunately, in order not to incur "tax troubles" and above all for a "touch" issue, I have never exhibited my gigolo price list, also because there is not really a tariff that indicates how much a male escort costs.

But in this article I would like to show you indicatively what the "notorious" prices of a male escort for women might be!

  • Prices starting from 2 hoursh
  • Get to know each other (2h) = 1.000 euro
  • Cocktail please (4h) = 1.500 euro
  • Dinner and After dinner (6h) = 2.500 euro
  • 1 Night (12h) = 3.000 euro
  • 18 hours (18h) = 3.500 euro
  • 1 Day (24h) = 4.000 euro
  • Weekend (48h) = 5.000 euro
  • 3 Days (72h) = 6.000 euro
  • 5 Days (120h) = 8.000 euro
  • 1 Week = 10.000 euro

Now you have an idea of how much a male escort for women or couples costs

.Obviously must be added at these prices (indicative) travel expenses, hotel, dinner, etc.

After having established the total cost of the meeting, an advance on the total is required which covers at least the travel expenses, plus an additional 20% -30%. Usually the credit is to be paid by bank transfer or by PostPay recharge, in rare cases also through Western Union.

The Gigolo for women is free to ask for surcharges, if it deems it appropriate.

I hope this "article-tariff" has helped you to better understand what could be the costs of a professional male escort for women like me.

I send you a kiss,

Your Igor

*The costs are exclusively referred to the company and to the time of the Gigolò; what can happen in the intimacy between adult and consenting people has no costs

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