Sooner or later, even when couples are very close and solid, they come to terms with suspicion!
Just an absent look, a rejected hug, an unexpected ring on her mobile phone…
Just a missed date, an unexplained delay, a lie…
Is she no more passionate in your intimacy, even if you court her more than ever?
Does she always keep safe her mobile phone? Even in the toilet?
Has the doubt catch your brain and your heart?
Haven’t you been able to think of anything else? Do you feel surrounded by enemies everywhere?
Are you trying to give a name to the intruder that is taking her away from you?
Do you think about his hands on your woman, their hugs, their embraces?

Maybe she is just tired and she needs something to revive your relationship! You could have just stupid insinuation!
Ok..but how do you do to find it out before it is too late?
Would you like to know if your woman would be faithful to you, in case she was courted by a more fascinating man?
Do you want to understand how much she loves you and to what extent she would resist another man?
That’s why faithfulness tests are useful!!

Igor can give you certainty you are looking for, he can approach your woman, courting her, as a real professional gigolo !
I won’t give her a break, I can get through her, I will set a trap for her, in order to seduce her, without getting to the point, obviously!
Thanks to my professionalism, I will show you the woman who is in front of you!
You will finally sleep tight…or you will change your way!
Anyway, you will rely on a professional gigolo, who does not profit from the circumstances.
Man-to-man I will inform you about my every move, her every answer, every detail of our date!
You will draw conclusion, after I competently gave you my aid !
If your relationship is under a cloud of suspicion, don’ feel you insecure; maybe something is really happening!



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