Do male escort agencies exist: yes or no?

intervista gigolò accompagnatore
Gigolo and chaperone for women, Igor tells himself in an interview
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Are you looking for a boyfriend or a husband for rent?
agencies for male escort and gigolo in italy

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What lies behind the word agency for Gigolo?

For some years now the word “agency” has been used related to the work of gigolo.
But which is the truth about it?

Looking for a male escort for women on the internet you will come across numerous websites with the words “gigolo agency” or”escort agency”.

The truth is that many websites use the word “agency” only to attract attention and to try to give more credibility to their web-portal, as in some foreign countries, in order to find and contact a gigolo, we turn to real agencies for male escorts.

This denomination is therefore somewhat misleading, because it does nothing but “bite” the possible customers, perhaps still inexperienced and uninformed about this sector.

But are all Gigolo professionals?

Surfing certain websites it is expected to find real male escort for women agencies, where normally, respecting the parameters of an agency, it is presumed to have carried out a sort of skimming or casting or selection of professional, competent and high-level male escorts; but unfortunately it is not like that.

In fact, these so-called websites highlighted with the word “agency for gigolo” or “agency for the chaperone”, are nothing more than simple classifieds websites.

These are websites where everyone has the opportunity to register and buy an advertising space where they can promote their figure with many photos and personal description.

In Italy the agencies for male escorts for women are illegal and therefore do not exist.

Are the agencies for gigolo illegal?

Male escorts’ for women agencies do not exist and are illegal, because despite the fact that they are recognized in some way today, the owner of the gigolo agency would incur the exploitation of prostitution.

The purpose of this article

Despite the immediacy of knowledge is really just a click away, sometimes you should go deeper on certain topics, or otherwise be careful not to fall into inaccuracies.

In fact, the aim of this article is to help the reader to learn more about the work of gigolo and to make a more informed choice.

How to behave and how to look for a male escort for women on the web?

It would be better to concentrate on finding a professional gigolo for women able to focus attention on the client and her needs.

The professional gigolo is able to satisfy the senses of the body and of the soul; he is able to concentrate both on the psychological and mental sphere, and on the more intimate one.

And that’s where the Boyfriend Experience comes into play.

Through the Boyfriend Experience a professional male escort gives himself to best meet his client; every attention, every look, every smile is addressed to her and no one else.

It is important to look for a professional gigolo accurately; to observe carefully what he shows on the web of himself about his image, his professional career, or of his life on the road and how he behaves in an interview.

Above all, it is important to try to understand if he is the right gigolo for you.
In particular, the website and the social channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, help a lot you to capture the right feelings about it.

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