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How to become an italian gigolo?

How to become an italian male escort for women? Igor, please, could you help me to get in on the action?
By now I stopped counting the times people asked me this question.
In fact, many are the guys who desire to become a professional male escort.
It is mainly to them the I dedicate this post, in which I will suggest useful tips to become a desired, well-known male escort, respected not only by women but also by colleagues.

Debunking a myth

In the article you’re reading I am going to give you some useful advices so that you can have a better understanding of the world you decided to join. But before telling you what a gigolo is, we need to make a clarification, and I mean to highlight what a male escort for women is not.

A male escort is not a person who belongs to a cult. Yes, because to become a male escort for women you don’t need to be part of imaginary groups, but only a lot of dedication, of perseverance and savoir-faire.


The advent of the internet has brought an authentic revolution in the customs of our society, imposing new challenges that unfortunately not everyone has been able to win.
Dramatic changes that could not fail to be reflected even in those who have chosen to undertake this profession.

For this reason, the gigolo is a professional who has a website in which he explains his own business, he shows himself, receives contacts.
In a word: he communicates. Moreover, the website must have a certain style, which avoids definitively to fall into bad taste.
In this sense, it is good to be supported by professionals in this sector who will show you the road that best suits your needs.


The male escort for women is a person who does not love vulgarity.
That’s why I suggest to post on your website only shots that portray your face, that show you maybe putting on a jacket and a shirt, which enhance your elegance.
(Certainly you will have to avoid images of private parts!)

How to get noticed

A professional male escort is also a man who knows that communication is a fundamental aspect of his profession. On the other hand, communicating well means being noticed.


Gigolo is an equilibrist. He is the tightrope walker, the rope that holds him is the style. He walks slowly, but constantly. Step by step, he knows that it takes very little to unbalance and slip. But down there, there is not a net to protect him; he will find that vulgarity that, by collecting him, ends up absorbing him.

For this reason I’d like to remind you one of the fundamental rules for me: to chase and create a unique style that will be sober, fine, distinguished.

Because a male escort does not sell a service but an experience.

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